Cooking for an Army of Two

I sent Alex to the grocery store two weeks ago and he came home with a crock pot!

It’s been chilly here now that rainy season has started so the crock pot is perfect not only because it’s nice to have dinner ready when we get home, but also because it’s perfect for soups and stews! Plus I seem to only be capable of cooking for an army so we end up having leftovers all week long.
My first meal attempt was the one pictured above…mango barbeque pulled pork sandwiches…delicious!
Since then I’ve also made cantonese chicken (not so good), meatballs and spaghetti sauce (pretty good), and tomorrow’s menu is chicken stew with beer biscuits!
Some recipes I have in mind for the near future include italian beef sandwiches and beef stew.
I also found a recipe for tongue tacos with the tongue cooked in the crock pot so if I can find enough adventurous souls who will eat tongue tacos (I know Alex would love to try, but I don’t think he could eat a whole tongue) I might attempt that sometime too.
If you have any good crock pot recipes send them my way!

4 thoughts on “Cooking for an Army of Two

  1. Laura, that remark better have been tougue-in-cheek. If not, bite your tongue, or whatever the typing equivalent is! Bad enough watching Alex eat a tongue taco one day. As a child I was forced to eat a tongue sandwich to be polite to one of Mom's friends, but I've repressed the memory; wonder if it tasted like guinea pig? Do they all taste like chicken?
    PS. You're in trouble now!


  2. mmmm tongue is good! I think my mom used to boil it whole with vegetables. Maybe looked a little strange. In Sweden they sold it in the meat dept. as cold cuts and it was good in sandwiches, sort of like corned beef. Bon appetit! (hope it's spelled right).


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