los Hot Dogs de Gonzalez Suarez

Alex and I have a tradition of eating hot dogs in lots of different places. The hot dog is such a universal food, but is so different everywhere we go! Ecuador is no exception and we actually have one of the best hot dog joints in town right down the street from our house. When I asked my students what some of their favorite restaurants in Quito were, many of them mentioned los Hot Dogs de Gonzalez Suarez and sure enough they weren’t kidding. The hot dogs come in traditional or double (two hot dogs in one bun!) and are topped with: mustard, onion, ketchup, mayonnaise, tomato chunks, and crushed potato chips. Alex also adds pineapple sauce to his!


4 thoughts on “los Hot Dogs de Gonzalez Suarez

  1. Oh dear. I suppose we will have to frequent this place given that dad and David are hot dog affecionados. Ok, I'm ready.


  2. Hey Alex it's me Tommy. If we ever go down there I NEED TO GO TO THAT RESTAURANT. I love hot dogs and we have a really good hot dog place here, but I wonder how a hot dog would taste with potato chips on it.




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