We did more than just go on a bike ride when we were in Baños, but it has taken me a little while to muster up the patience necessary to post again with our amazingly slow internet. (In fact I spent the entire week trying to post a funny video of Frijole and eventually got so frustrated that I just gave up).
Below are some pictures and a few more tidbits about Baños!
The bus ride to Baños is beautiful!
For $3.50 each we rode through the mountains for nearly 4 hours and watched as the scenery changed from dry and brown to lush and green.

Alex was boring and read his book the entire time so I entertained myself by taking pictures of things I saw out the window….such as this truck filled with piglets.

The view on the way to our hotel….not bad! If we had managed to get a room with a balcony at the hotel that waterfall would have been the view from our room too, but seeing as there was an entire bus full of people from Guayaquil, no such luck.

Our first night in town we noticed all sorts of dune buggies and ATVs zipping around. Alex was dying to rent a dune buggy and head up above the city for a view. Turns out the dune buggies can’t handle the incline so we settled on ATVs instead. We weren’t allowed to share, which meant I had to drive my own! Now the only time I have been on an ATV is at Alex’s Grandpa’s ranch in Illinois so I was a little nervous, but after getting out of the tourist packed town (and away from some of the traffic) I was just fine. It was a bit chilly, but the scenery made up for it.

Mirador Bellavista

The view was spectacular!

Then we went to head back down and my 4 wheeler wouldn’t start! The people who live near the lookout point tried to help, but to no avail. We called the rental shop and they sent a repairman up on a motorcycle. He did some stuff with a screwdriver and got it started, but by then it was dark so we just headed back down to return the toys and find some dinner.

Baños is pretty at night too, and gets a bit silly. The church is illuminated with blue lights and there’s a “train” that you can ride around on.


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