In both Honduras and Ecuador, small 7-11 types of stores are very common. There is one on nearly every corner and you can stop in and get water, beer, crackers, milk, rope, etc.
In Honduras these stores are called Pulperías, which greatly confused me in the beginning as I felt like they should be juice shops.
In Ecuador they are called Viveres, also confusing for me at first because a Vivero is a plant nursery.
These are not to be confused with your local Panadería which is basically like a Viveres that also has a bakery and therefore serves fresh bread.
I am absolutely in love with our local Panadería. It is about half a block down from our house and also happens to be where the bus picks us up for school. Most mornings it is already open before the bus arrives and we can buy fresh warm bread before the ride to school. Yummmm!
Besides this obvious perk, it has a plethora of random things that I seem to need! Milk, yogurt, ketchup, cat food, beer, potato chips, cheese…all just a 1 minute walk away!

One thought on “Vocabulario-7-11

  1. Well maybe a contribution to the vocabulary. En Mexico es la tienda de la esquina generally how people refers to this small stores. It also they are simply called Tienda. But also viveres is any thing that helps you to vivir viveres is similar meaning to staple.


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