Bike Ride

This past weekend we had a three day weekend because of Guayaquil Days (The independence of Guayaquil). We decided to go to Banos as it is about a 3 1/2 hr. bus ride from Quito it would be a little far for a regular weekend but not unreasonable for a long weekend. One of the activities that was suggested to us by a second year teacher was to go on a bike ride out of town. The bike ride was mostly down hill but had a couple of parts that were up hill, not too strenous but we both ended up with sore butts from uncomfortable bike seats. Overall the bike ride itself was a lot of fun and we even met up with some friends towards the end. In the middle of the bike ride we were also able to do a couple of mini hikes to get a better view of some of the waterfalls along the river. We took a bunch of pictures and some video. So while I should have been grading I decided instead to make a video for your enjoyment. I put more work into this one than the previous so I hope you like it. We have a higher resolution one but it didn’t fit on the blog, so if you want a copy you have to come visit. I also put a couple of pictures that I didn’t fit into the video below.

Caitlin and I at Paílón del Diablo

Trying to get a sip of water.

Creeping to the top of the waterfall.

Caitlin and Amanda in the back of the truck on the way back to Baños.


5 thoughts on “Bike Ride

  1. Ok so first of all, you have way too much time on your hands to make this video. Very interesting choice of songs. Second I'm jealous, I want to hike to a waterfall.


  2. Great job on the video, both of you. I like your way of editing; switching between pictures. This was fun to watch for sure and looks like you had fun at the waterfall.


  3. Indeed, great video, jealous of your adventure and of the memories you are creating. Did I ask if you have archived this to your external hard drive yet?


  4. Great job you can start to incorporate all this talent into your classes guys. I feel like you were in the bike downhill, at high speed. Great matching of songs. In case you get bored with your art teacher career you can start working on making internet sites etc. For travel channel etc.
    Love you guys
    Save it on your external hard drive.


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