Mercado Iñaquito

We have done a lot of shopping at the local MegaMaxi (like Super Walmart). It’s close to our house and has that “one stop shopping” that makes life so much easier. But let’s face it, MegaMaxi is a bit boring, a bit overpriced, and when everything’s in one place it can’t possibly be the best of everything! So last Saturday we headed to Mercado Iñaquito, a local market about a 20 minute walk from our house. It has all sorts of household items (pots and pans, etc) on the outside and the inside is filled with fresh produce, meats and seafood. It was wonderful!!!
There were tons of different types of food and everything was very affordable. In fact, it felt a bit like a massive dollar store since that’s what everything seemed to cost. How much are apples? 4 for $1 How much is basil? A bag for $1. How much are strawberries? A bag for $1….
Although I would have liked one of everything, this being our first trip we decided not to overwhelm ourselves and stuck to fruits and veggies. Next time (after I’ve googled how to cook them) we’ll wait in the massive line for some fresh mussels…
Here are some pictures of market:

Me with a very small bag so far. By the end I could barely carry it all!


We found this massive amount of different types of peppers and asked for the type that goes in Sopa de Tortilla so that Alex can whip up a batch. Yummmm!

No wonder I couldn’t find spices at the grocery store, they are all at Iñaquito!
I got thyme, oregano, garlic, basil, and rosemary and invented my own Italian Seasoning.
My next visit will hopefully include some crushed red pepper flakes as those don’t seem to exist at MegaMaxi.

Potatoes anyone?
We had just purchased a bag of potatoes at MegaMaxi and were therefor kicking ourselves that we couldn’t partake of this selection. Next time…

Our purchases!
We spent the last week eating all sorts of fresh veggies. The baskets and wooden bowl pictured were also purchased at the market. Alex may make fun of my obsession with everything needing a home, but I plan to start compiling baskets to keep everything in!

3 thoughts on “Mercado Iñaquito

  1. This is the way that Latin American people likes to buy. The real people not the upper middle class. DI think all this is the Spanish and Arab influences from the bazars. Does not remind you of the market in Coyoacan and Irapuato. Everything fresh and affordable. When you learn you can go and ask the butcher to cut you the meat however you want. Trim the fat pound the meat etc. Grind pork and beef and whatever you want. Well keep enjoying the market.Love you guys


  2. I don't think I could shop in this place without my camera. Beautiful, and healthy. What a treat. no wonder you came home with an armload. Put this on my list of places to go when I come to visit.


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