It’s been an exhausting week of cat parenting!
Tuesday night Olive began to act a little strange…super lethargic and sleeping constantly. Since this seemed out of the ordinary (and I am paranoid), we called the vet Wednesday afternoon to inquire. Luckily, a second year teacher here recommended a fabulous vet who is bilingual and comes to your house! She stopped by Wednesday night to meet the little ones and check out Olive’s strange behavior. Sure enough, she had a fever. The vet decided to put her on an antibiotic and told us to call if she wasn’t getting better. We also found out that Frijole is a boy!! Honestly we had been referring to him as a boy anyway (Alex really wanted a boy cat) so it was nice to find out we were right. 🙂
On Friday Olive started having issues with her eye. It was swollen and oozing green stuff. Yuck! We called the vet again and she mentioned a kitten virus called Panleukopenia and asked us to bring Olive in on Saturday morning for hospitalization. Eek!
We took the 30 minute cab ride with both cats on Saturday morning to have them checked out again. The roads were windy and I was sure the cats, or me, were going to throw up in the car. Luckily we made it with no vomiting, but the stress at that point was through the roof.
Olive does in fact have the sometimes fatal kitten virus mentioned above, but so far she is doing a good job of battling it so she didn’t need to stay at the vet. She’s still eating and drinking water, excellent since one of the most dangerous symptoms is dehydration. We got her eye drops for her infected eye and a cone for her to wear so she doesn’t scratch at it. We also put Frijole on antibiotics too just in case. AND we are giving them both Vitamin C drops. I feel like a doctor as I administer all these medications 2 and 3 times per day!
Keep your fingers crossed that they are both healthy soon and in the meantime check out these photos:

Olive is an impressive acrobat when we are eating dinner. This is one of the reasons we could tell she didn’t feel good since she didn’t try for our food on Wednesday night.
Mmmmm chicken
Alex is also a total softy and gave her some! Spoiled little thing 🙂

So far the two of them get along pretty well. Except for maybe this morning when Olive was playing with a toy and Frijole was playing with her tail.

Pretty in Pink
Probably the funniest thing to watch is Olive being a dump truck as she tries to reach her food. If she doesn’t aim her head exactly right the food gets scooped up in her cone and deposited on the floor without her getting any.
She also had some litter issues with the cone yesterday after getting it wet while drinking water from her bowl. I was the lucky one who got to pick soggy litter off of her cone before bringing her to bed.
We have tried taking the cone off while she eats and drinks, but she immediately starts rubbing her eye so she’s just going to have to manage with it on.

Our apartment is cold. The easiest way to stay warm is to “layer.”

Frijole picks some weird places to sleep…

Best napping spot in the house?

4 thoughts on “Gatitos

  1. So sorry your kitty is sick,Seems kind of strange that the symptoms came on all at once, but maybe that is how it goes.Kathy and Karen had cats with this virus while they were at the UW. They vaccinate them against it here I believe. At this point can't remember what Tina has had without checking her papers. WE hope she will be ok.


  2. Hope your kitties are feeling better. Those cones are a pain. Nani had one this spring after she got spayed. For the entire first day she stood stock still with it on – she refused to move. Just stood there with her head hanging. We called it the “cone of shame”. It took her a full week to get used to it and we had very strange behavior in the interim – sometimes it seemed like she was trying to run away from it. Especially at night when we were trying to sleep. It took her the whole week to figure out how to eat with it on. Your kitty might adapt better since she is younger.




  3. Hi Caitlin,

    I hope your kitties are fine. I picked up from the street and brought home a kitty from Spain once with that same virus, street cats often have it; he was treated with antibiotics and was just fine afterwards!
    They are such cuties though! I love them.

    Davina x


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