Hike #1

This week I was told about a hiking guide that was affordable and did a good job. Thinking why not do something Sunday since the whole city closes and there is very little diving nearby, I thought sure why not. So after consulting with Caitlin and getting a response that went something like this “Its fine if you want to go but I don’t want to go. I don’t understand why you would even want me to go. You know I will only get cranky and it won’t be fun for anyone!” Using my ability to read between the lines I thought I should ask someone else if they wanted to go. So I decided to ask a fellow teacher who is also new this year if he wanted to go( I figured he would be a good sport about it since he and I hiked all around the neighborhood Wednesday night looking for the Mexico vs. Honduras game, only to end up watching Chile vs. Brazil). After getting an affirmative from his part I set it up and we were all set for Sunday. So this morning at 7:30 we got up got to the tour operator and got on a bus and set off for the hike. We arrived at the volcano we were going to hike into and thought this won’t be too bad. In fact we didn’t think it would take the amount of time the guide had allotted. Surprise, Surprise it was the exact amount of time. We hiked into the crater past a few farms and then up a mound of old lava (scientific term) in the center of the crater. The Mound was covered in vegetation and was a little slow going both because of the need to clear/find the path a little and that there were 32 of us. We trekked along all morning and made it to the summit of the lava mound and then headed back after a short break. As you would assume going down was much quicker than the assent and it seemed like all was well. Until we had to go up the side of the crater which was not nearly as brutal going down. I am apparently not nearly as in shape or acclimatized to the high altitude. I had to ask Andy my partner in hiking to stop a couple of times so I wouldn’t pass out as I was feeling light headed. We made it up and felt great, even had an Ecuadorian style empanada, still don’t know the name and bought a souvenir.

View from the entrance into the crater.

An unshaven donkey with dingleberries.

View on the way down

View from the bottom of the crater.

On the way to the top of the lava mound.

The Mountain in the background is what all this training is for.

Me at the top of the lava mound. P.S. Thank you Andy and Crystal for the Nalgene pack, wouldn’t have made it home today without it.

After making it back to the starting point.

Tasty Cheese Empanada treat after the hike.

Boots after the hike.

Rabbit slipper souvenir after showering.


4 thoughts on “Hike #1

  1. WOW, what a hike! I'm impressed; that was no small crater. Glad you took advantage of the opportunity. Your boots don't look new anymore and the slippers are great. Do the kitties think they are friends?
    Thanks for posting the adventure.


  2. Good job, I'm impressed. It looked like a lot of fun. it make me melancholic about our experience in Hawaii, getting up @ 1-2 in the morning , actually I do not remember exactly. Go all the way to the crater , see the sunrise, go downhill, stop in the little cafe for breakfast. Hope we can repeat something similar before I can not walk .
    Keep those rabbit sleepers awya so the cats do not pee inside.
    Love you guys


  3. You make that camelpack look good! The funny thing is that I noticed the picture and went to show Crystal without even reading the caption-she pointed it out to me. We're glad to see that you're putting it to good use.


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