Old Town

Yesterday, we took a much needed break from the staining and finishing of all our furniture to head to the Old Town. The Old Town is beautiful and has a mix of colonial feel and bustling every day life. We wandered the cobblestone streets, looked at old buildings and churches and people watched as about a million local Quiteños did their Saturday shopping and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

A view toward El Panecillo and the virgen de las Americas. You can go inside her and look out over the city, but we ran out of time so that will have to be a different weekend.

Santa Barbara

One of many plazas

San Francisco is a church, convent and museum! The church is currently being renovated though so we couldn’t go inside. It “should” be done in October so we’ll plan another excursion for later in the year.

A close up of San Francisco

Another plaza

La Compañía de Jesus
The whole interior is gold leaf!!!
We were very limited in our pictures of this since technically they are not allowed…

I’ve been keeping an eye out for new shoes here and happened upon this store. The whole thing looked like this and it was crammed with shoppers and employees! I was too overwhelmed to try anything on….maybe next time.

We also visited the basilica which was huge and impressive and made us take so many photos that it will be getting it’s own post so check back soon!


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