European Eats

We ate a lot in Europe. I took some pictures. Here they are:

Our first frites!! There were all sorts of yummy french fry places in Belgium. I could definitely deal with eating french fries more often 🙂

There was an entire row of seafood places on the way to the main square in Belgium so we stopped for some mussels.

Waffle, strawberries, chocolate, and powdered sugar… What better way to start the day!?
By the way the waffle had pearl sugar in it. Yummmm!

More frites in Brugges! Each time you get fries you can pick your sauce. This time we went all out and got three different types, spicy ketchup, wasabi, and something else that I didn’t know what it was.

Europe is expensive. This pasta was 3 euro. It was delicious!

Okay, so this is not something we ate, but I found it entertaining that you could get this beer in the same vending machine as these waffles.

Alex likes sandwiches.

Why stop at strawberries when I can get ice cream on my waffle!?

I heart falafel.

We shared this meat and cheese tray in the main square of Brussels on our last night in town. I opted out of the blood sausage and left that for Alex to eat.

My first french crepe!!
We were starving on the walk to the Eiffel tower so we stopped and got this crepe fromage.

Well, the shared crepe didn’t hold us over long and I’m not a very happy person when I’m hungry so we made this emergency stop at McDonald’s. We could order at an atm-like kiosk and take our receipt to the counter to pick up our food!

French restaurants are expensive!
We stopped at the mini-mart near the hotel and got these items for dinner!

Hot Dog….stuffed in a bagette and covered with cheeeeese!

Alex’s ham, egg, and cheese crepe.

Another grocery store dinner….

Best breakfast ever! Those little pastry balls were delicious!!

Alex was really excited about his Orangina after the Rodin museum.

Ice cream on Ile St. Louis after shopping near Notre Dame.

Alex got this pasta at the hotel the night before our flight home. He wasn’t entirely sure what to do with that egg…

Breakfast at the airport on our way home. One last waffle and croissant!

4 thoughts on “European Eats

  1. Ok, that hot dog is really something I can get behind! Not to mention all the fries and dessert like waffles. I also noticed some wine. Lets all move to Europe.


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