Well I could write an entire post about how stressed out I have been this week including topics such as:
We still have no internet at home
We have no furniture in our living room or dining room
We have no washing machine or microwave
Our hot water doesn´t work very well
My bank account at home has blocked my card and I can´t call them without internet
My classroom is currently being built (is this going to be an every other year pattern!?)
I have to learn an entire new IB based way of grading
We use the Tribes program and I haven´t been trained in it
I can´t log into any of the web programs the school uses
I have a million administrators and therefore never know who to ask all my questions to
and on and on
I just found out that the Ministry of Education has decided that we cannot start school on Tuesday as planned and that we must wait until Monday, September 7th!!! That means almost an entire extra week for my classroom to be finished, my passwords to start working and for me to plan my curriculum. Plus our furniture starts getting delivered this Saturday!

By the way we are supposed to get internet at home today (although we were yesterday too) so if that actually happens I will be posting much more often!


4 thoughts on “Estresada

  1. Oh, I kind of like Tribes, but I never implemented it full force. I kind of just picked and chose the activities I wanted to do. There is some good stuff…Hooray for extra teacher days- we are finishing up week one with the kids!


  2. Good luck with everything!!
    you are going to catch up with the IB grading fastly (it's basically rubrics and stuff like that)
    greetings from Mexico (:


  3. why are you starting school a week late? is it bc of swine flu? bc we just had the loooongest staff meeting ever today where the nurse lectured us about washing our hands etc.

    it was so. long.


  4. Nope, not swine flu although we have also gotten the lecture on how to cough and what to do if a kid seems even remotely sick….
    The ministry wants every school in the country to start on the same date and our school wanted to start a week earlier for IB purposes (the tests are in May no matter when we start). No go though! I´m sure that´s frustrating for returning IB teachers, but fabulous for me!! When does school start in Korea Jan?

    Thanks for the well wishes Nina! I love rubrics so hopefully I will get used to it quickly! How are things in Irapuato?

    Laura, I checked a book out on Tribes and Alex is getting trained so hopefully that will be enough for now…. One week done with kiddies already!? I feel like you were in Wisconsin just a few days ago! August has gone waaaay too fast!


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