Headed Home

The trip back to the States from Honduras was pretty entertaining…at least the parts where we were dealing with our baggage. We were lucky to have my mom and brother come to visit at just the right time so we could take twice as much baggage back with us. We packed carefully and wrapped up things that were fragile to end up with 8 checked items and 8 carry-ons. I think Arturo thought we were crazy when he picked us up to take us to the airport!
No questions asked at the American Airlines counter and we didn’t even have to pay an extra penny! We had a small moment of panic in Miami before realizing that the chest had landed on the “special stuff” cart instead of coming out on the conveyer, but Alex is a pro at airports and figured it out quickly.
Probably the most difficult part of the whole trip was getting everything in the car once we were back in Chicago. My parents have a jeep, but we still had to get pretty creative to fit it all in and on the car.
My aunt documented the entertainment of watching the boys load the car with a few photos….

Baggage? What baggage?
Headed to the car after meeting in baggage claim and claiming all that stuff as ours!

It’s a good thing my family was excellent at Tetris back in the early 90’s.

Cozy and loaded down!
We had to repack the roof 3 times since Dad noticed that it was caving in above the driver’s seat!

Our monster dude made it home too, although he had several near death experiences that involved me getting angry with people in security. He doesn’t much enjoy the x-ray machine as he tends to get stuck on the inside and then run over by all the bags behind him. One man in San Pedro Sula and one man in Miami both got the wrath of me ranting about my breakable item that they were running over with everyone else’s stuff!!

Welcome to Wisconsin!

By the way, the trunk made it back safe and sound without a scratch on it! We unpacked it right away and put it on a table where the cats can’t use it as a scratching post.


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