Name Change

No, this has nothing to do with the wedding….we are changing the name of the blog!
Many of you provided suggestions back in December when we found out we were moving to Ecuador so I’ll list those here, but please add more suggestions if you have them!
Next week I will create a poll so you can vote to choose the new name of our blog.
Ideas so far:
Adventures in Ecuadoland
Adventures in Quitolandia
Ecuador Exploits
Escapades in Ecuador
Quitame Quito
Qui-to Happiness
We Miss Cheeto in Quito

As for that other name change question….
The plan right now is to tell the students I am Ms. Lopez, but not to bother with all the legal documentation until we move back (I can only imagine the process of getting a new passport and then needing to change my visa while I am out of the country…ugh)
I think my official legal name will be Caitlin Jean O’Neal Lopez once I get around to changing it.


4 thoughts on “Name Change

  1. EcuadorExplore – Too travel postery?
    Equatering – brand new word
    Life on the Line – get it?
    Living between the Poles
    Three thousand metres, zero degrees
    Okay, just thinking out loud.


  2. Just wondering –

    If you change the name, will all the old posts from Honduras stay or will you start fresh with a new blog?



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