Chinese Opera Masks

Plaster masks are one of my favorite projects to do with kids. In the past I have always used Ancient Egypt as a theme to work around, but this year I thought I would pick something different.
After a little research on the internet (I love google!) I found some really cool looking masks that are related to the Chinese Opera. The actors in the Chinese Opera actually paint their faces, but souvenir masks in the style of the facepainting can be purchased, especially in Beijing.
I printed a big packet of different mask examples and my sixth graders got to work creating their own version. I did a mini-intro on the Chinese Opera and talked about symmetry and color symbolism. They used this information in creating their own unique design.
One thing I didn’t think of when planning this project that almost every kid did was the similarity to lucha libre masks. Many kids were excited to create their Chinese Opera mask in the style of their dream lucha libre mask.


3 thoughts on “Chinese Opera Masks

  1. Wow Caitlin, another winner. These are striking. I love all the color and symmetry. I’ll bet the kids are really proud of them and I’d bet most of them keep these for a long time. You think of the best stuff!
    We’re proud of you, as usual and always.


  2. Well here it comes the interpretation of Nacho Libre culture influence. I think that lucha libre is more entertaining that chinese opera. To be honest chinese opera is boring. I have heard a couple and it is too dry and lacks sophistication like Italian opera or any other romantic language operas. I hate german operas it islike marching under hitler , reason why wagner was his favorite.?


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