EIS Oscars 2009

This past Friday was the second annual EIS Oscars Night for Mr. Lopez’s 8th grade students.
They spent the last six weeks making movies in Language Arts….writing scripts, casting, filming and editing. The results were impressive, dramatic, and oftentimes quite funny.
With a year of practice under our belts, this year’s Oscars seemed to go much more smoothly. We had a better idea of what type of set-up we wanted and how to get it done. Plus we planned further ahead. With the help of several other teachers, lots of students, and our super supportive principal, it all went without a hitch!
There was a huge turn out of students, parents, and siblings. We started off the night by taking lots of pictures and then we enjoyed watching clips of each movie and seeing the students head up to the stage for their Oscars. Our MCs, two 8th grade students, were hilarious and fabulous in front of the crowd. They led the whole night like a bunch of professionals.
I know Alex was really nervous, but it turned out great and in the end it made him really proud to see what his students had accomplished.

The entrance to the library was set up like a walk of stars. The pathway led the guests upstairs to the “theater” but on the way they could stop in front of the Oscars wall to have their picture taken. The man in this photo is the yearbook photographer.

Each movie had a star along the pathway to the theater.

The boys

The girls

Yes, we got our picture taken too…:)

The students even got Mr. Lopez an award!

Mr. Lopez and his students.

6 thoughts on “EIS Oscars 2009

  1. De verdad que me siento muy orgulloso de ti. Creo que el trabajo que has hecho en Honduras con estos estudiantes es fantastico. Estoy seguro que has dejado una marca en muchos de ellos y se que es una marca positiva para ser mejores miembros de la sociedad. Yo te puedo garantizar que muchos te van ha hechar de menos y te extranaran inmensamente. Alex te debes sentir muy orgulloso de todo lo que has estado haciendo con tus estdiantes. Es la mejor satisfacion que te puede dejar el trabajo de ser maestro.


  2. What a great group of students. I wish I couWld have been there to meet them and see their movies. The boys are handsome and the girls are beautiful!
    A great idea, Alex. A great set, Caitlin. So proud of both of you.


  3. Alex went all out and rented the tux from the mall! His suit is already back in Wisconsin. If he keeps this up, we might have to consider purchasing a tux that he can use each year!


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