Queretaro was another day trip we took. Alex actually spent a summer going to school in at the University in Queretaro during college so it was fun to see the places he talks about in person. At the time, Alex lived with his Tia Lorena and her husband, but they have since moved to Ohio. Alex’s Tio Gabriel and his family still live there though so we met for lunch and then he showed us around the centro historico. Queretaro has lots of neat old buildings and small shops; it was also filled with people enjoying their Friday afternoon!

Headed toward one of the many plazas around the area (there were so many that I got completely turned around and I’m usually pretty good with directional sense!!)
Alex’s Tio Gabriel is the man in blue with his son Daniel and Alex’s cousin Nina is in the black sweatshirt. Alex is cut off, but he’s wearing a green shirt on the far right.

One of the plaza’s had rows and rows of mini restaurants like this filling the sidewalks. I thought the pink tarp roof made for a pretty glow.

I apparently only took pictures of people from the back, but there’s Sara in the black!
I do feel like I didn’t take nearly enough pictures of everything and everybody, but it was my first major family introduction and honestly I spent most of the time trying to understand what was going on and remember everybody’s names!


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