While David and Alex were underwater, the rest of us decided to have a little bit of our own fun. Kathy had previously researched a place on Roatan where you can swim with dolphins so we had the hotel office reserve us a spot and headed over to check it out. The experience was incredible! We were nervous at first as nearly 30 people gathered, but they split us into smaller groups, about 6 people per individual dolphin. Our dolphin’s name was Fiona, and she and her trainer taught us all about dolphins as we stood waist deep off the beach of a small cay.
Fiona swam slowly past us to show us all her anatomy, let us pet her, gave us kisses, and then did tricks for us! We of course bought the ridiculously expensive cd of pictures that they took (totally worth it) and we have a few of our own so here you go:

Me, Mom, and Kathy with Fiona and her trainer. He had a little cooler of fish to reward her for all the patience she had with us. Periodically a dolphin from another group would distract her and the two would swim off to play, then the trainers would need to call them back to their respective groups.

The trainer had Fiona swim slowly by us on both her stomach and her back so he could point out different things. This also meant we got to pet her as she swam.

We all had a chance to “hug” Fiona and get our picture taken. She weighed a ton so we cradled her, but weren’t really lifting her. This was really cool because we could feel her heartbeat as we posed!

Mom and Dad with Fiona.

Fiona underwater.

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