Christmas at the Playa

For Christmas this year, my family was able to come down once again, and this time we headed to the islands! After the Stateside peeps narrowly made every single delayed connecting flight they had, and Alex did some serious begging on our end in the airport here in San Pedro Sula, we all boarded a teeny tiny plane to Roatan. Luckily the other 6 passengers (we were half the plane) didn’t hold it against us that they had to wait an extra 20 minutes in the plane while we literally sprinted through security.
David could only get a few days off of work, but that was just fine since 4 days at the beach is always better than none. The boys went scuba diving, everyone went snorkeling, we played games, ate a lot, and in general just enjoyed each other’s company. Everyone agreed that we all missed Sara and that it wasn’t nearly as good a Christmas as last year with her not there (Aunt Kathy kept counting heads and claiming we were short one because she forgot we were 6 instead of 7), but I’m sure that will be remedied in Christmas’s to come!
Here are a few highlights of the week:

Enjoying the sun!

The boys headed out to visit the underwater world.
David and Alex did 5 dives each so between that and snorkeling along with the rest of us, they spent loooots of time underwater!

Mom and Dad (with Mom trying to act tall)

Kathy in the shade!

David back from diving!

After all the cruisers left, enjoying a more peaceful beach.

Out for Christmas Eve dinner.

Feliz Navidad!
Gathered on the front porch of our cabana on Christmas morning.

Gathered for a game of cards after watching the sunset on the beach.

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