A Black Sand Beach

Alex and I started our winter break off with a long weekend in El Salvador. We visited the small town of Suchitotto, headed to the black sand beach at El Tunco and spent a day exploring San Salvador. It was beautiful, interesting, relaxing, and overall a great start to a fabulous 2.5 weeks off of school! Here are some of the highlights:

Because I don’t put enough church pictures on this blog…..
This church is in the parque central of the small town of Suchitotto.

El Tunco is a black sand beach (or at least dark grey) because of volcanic sediments.

I could make a flip book out of all the sunset pictures I took so I’ve done my best to narrow it down to just a few!

We ate lots of seafood! Here we are at a restaurant to enjoy fresh fish and a sunset.

In search of Christmas gifts and souvenirs, we accidentally ended up in the craziest mob of Christmas shoppers I have ever been in! About 8 straight blocks of downtown San Salvador were lined with stalls two deep selling everything from jeans to movies to furniture to gift wrapping! We followed the sea of people and tried not to get hit by any cars (there was still traffic on the street). It was quite the experience and left us both exhausted!

A little respite in the park at the end of the market, and a nice view of this church.

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