Una Fiesta

Alex refused to take a normal picture, but here we are all dressed up and headed out the door.

E.I.S. throws a big Christmas party for all the staff each year. There are so many of us that the only location that fits us all is the fancy Club Arabe…a country club of sorts here in SPS. Everyone gets on their party clothes and goes for free drinks, good food, and some out of work socializing. It’s fun to see everyone in something other than their teaching/cleaning/repairing/photocopying/etc. clothes.

Here we are at Club Arabe.

Unfortunately this year the party was on a Tuesday (the only available date at the club), but we made the best of it and stayed until 10:30….or at least we tried to. As we were getting up to leave, the dj called Alex to the dance floor. For a little background info on this story you should know that the PTA ladies looooove Alex and they were kind of in charge of the night. Seeing as how the dance floor only had Hula dancers on it at that point, Alex refrained from actually joining them and instead when to shmooze a little with the PTA moms. They immediately pulled him out on the dance floor which I thought was hilarious! I headed out to the lobby to people watch and wait for the song to be over so we could head home. 20 minutes later he still hadn’t appeared so now I moved to the doorway to see where he was….still dancing. The moms at this point were passing him around and snapping pictures of each mom with Alex. Still funny, yet I was getting a bit tired. I started looking around for people to talk to and realized that everyone I knew had already left! The place was practically cleared out except for the people on the dance floor. So now there I was sitting at a table by myself, with my purse on, at 11pm, when I have to work the next day, watching 50 year old women pass my fiance around…. I knew that Alex was just trying not to be rude, and I was doing my best not to be grumpy, but I really wanted to go home!!! About 3 more songs passed until Alex was able to slip off the dance floor and make a get-a-way to the door with me. We finally got home a little after 11:30 and fell straight into bed so we get could some sleep before the 5:15 alarm.

2 thoughts on “Una Fiesta

  1. Point 1- Are we on the same planet? Who wouldn’t want to dance with Alex?Point 2- Watch what you say about us “old ladies”. Some of us are reading your blog. You’re about to get coal in your Christmas stocking.Point 3- Alex was obviously feeling better. CJ, are YOU taking YOUR vitamins? Guess who? Yeah, it’s me again. Love…


  2. Point 1-I agree, but I also realized when we got home that I never even got a chance to dance with him!!Point 2-Maybe I should have said “desperate housewives” instead of 50 year old ladies. Do you mean charcoal for drawing? hehePoint 3-Yes, we are both healthy now and luckily I didn’t get whatever Alex had:)Love,Caitlin


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