Big News!!!!

So I know there has been a lot of good news flying around recently. And I am writing this to give you all some of the best news of this week. While Caitlin and I were walking around town this weekend we stopped to get a cold drink at the pharmacy. While at the pharmacy I looked in the cooler and saw that they had a large range of Michelob beers. Yes I know what you are thinking what happened to our old Alex who wouldn’t have even thought twice about Michelob. But desperate times call for desperate measures and I was so excited to see a few darker beers. I was ready to call the whole walk off and purchase the beer right there and head back to the apartment. But unfortunately there was a dry law in effect this past weekend because of the elections on Sunday. So I had to wait, none the less once I arrived back to the apartment I was up the stair like I had a bad case of chorro and telling Jesse about my discovery. At hearing the news he decided that we would go on Monday at 6:01 once the dry law was over (it ended at 6pm). Upon arriving we went and looked at the beer cooler and drooled at the thought of being able to purchase dark beer. We then went about our picking process very democratically, as I had made the discovery I got first pick then he got to pick one. We continued this process until the cooler was empty, at which point we wondered if they had anymore in back, but decided not to be greedy since it had just been Thanksgiving and all. As we stood in line ogling our shopping baskets it dawned on us that we had no idea how much this treasure cove was going to cost us. I was not too concerned, convinced that it could not be more than 50 lmps a beer. Needless to say I was wrong it was 70 lmps a beer and we had just cleared out the cooler. Jesse put my worries to rest when he said “Don’t worry we can afford this. It’s like one day of tutoring, and all I know is that I will be smiling as my tutee prances around my desk tomorrow after school.” So I am proud to say that today after school I tutored for beer. While Jesse and I are discussing the beauty that is dark beer the cashier is asking the bag boy what all this stuff is, and that she has never seen it before, he quickly responded “Beer”. At which point lightning struck and I asked her to speak to her manager, she said that she was the on duty manager, I told her that if she continued to order dark beer such as this I could guarantee a line of teachers, she assured me that this could be done (I’ll wait to count my guinness’ once they have arrived. My next task was when I got home, I was slightly concerned what my fiance might say about me blowing my tutoring money. To my delight her response was to get behind our new friends and take a picture. So I am including the pictures below. Caitlin liked the Octoberfest(I didn’t have the heart to tell her it was Dec.)

“Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

-Ben Franklin


6 thoughts on “Big News!!!!

  1. Today I give thanks for Michelob and whatever person at the Farmacia Siman accidentally ordered a couple cases of it!


  2. I love that you love dark beer. We just tried a new Leinenkugels called Fireside Nut Brown. Very nice. I’ll try to save one for you til February.


  3. what next? A whole dissertation on the quest for dark beer. I noticed you liked the dark beer when you were here for the wedding. The latest beer I surprised Phil with was “Buffalo Water”, made in Milwaukee. You probably know about it having lived there.I have to close now before Grandpa corrects my note.


  4. You were worried that your fiance would be upset that you spent too much on beer- you two are already married 😉 but congrats none the less.


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