Flores is a little town about 40 minutes south of Tikal. It is actually located on a small island in the middle of a lake and is connected to the mainland by a causeway. It was the perfect little town to stop in for souvenirs and a relaxing night in a hotel before heading home (we camped in Tikal).
Alex and I made the trip with our next door neighbors, Ryan and Kim. Here we are at dinner before heading to Tikal. We had stopped at Flores to check it out on our way north. We liked it so much that we stopped back for the night on our return trip.
floresKim and I thought these big wooden chairs were kind of fun so we had the boys take our picture.
The island that the town is on is actually like one big hill. The roads around the perimeter of the island are the lowest and they slowly get steeper and steeper toward the middle of the island.
The cathedral and plaza central are located on the top of the hill on the middle of the island.
The perimeter of the island is lined with restaurants that have deck seating so patrons can enjoy the beautiful view looking out over the lake. We enjoyed a fabulous sunset while drinking mojitos and eating nachos!
The sunset was beautiful!

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