Una Boda Bonita

The weekend after we returned from Nicaragua, I headed off to the States for Jess and Jesse’s wedding. In case you didn’t know, Jess was one of my roommates in college. She, Lauren, and I lived together for 3 years. She’s in the Milwaukee area now and Lauren and I were thrilled to get to come visit for her and Jesse’s wedding. Like always, I took about a million pictures so I have only chosen a few so that you can see the highlights….

The happy couple in the groomsman suite after the rehearsal dinner.

Gettin’ our hair did.

Me as a wannabe make-up artist!

All ready to go in our secret room at the church!

What a beautiful bride!

Reception time!

The rents gettin’ their groove on.

Bucky was there!

Me and the padres.

The ladies and Bucky.

Congrats Jessimica!…and Jesse too!…I love you both!

2 thoughts on “Una Boda Bonita

  1. Whenever I see yours and Lauren’s pics I am so sad I missed it! I miss all you girls! I guess we have Rachelle’s next summer though…provided we can make it home for that one. Both Matt and I are in weddings next summer, so that is 2 automatically planned trips home.


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