Cobblestones and Lobster

During our trip we went to a little town called Trinidad in the southeast part of the country. It was old, colonial, and beautiful…definitely one of the highlights of our vacation and totally worth the six hour bus ride! We enjoyed walking through the cobblestone streets, visiting old buildings and churches and we especially loved the house we stayed in. Although it was a short visit we managed a lot of pictures so here are just a few:

Alex in front of the house we stayed at. All the windows on the houses were floor to ceiling and had bars on them. This allowed for the families to open them up and circulate air throughout without risk of people entering or pets escaping.

A church in the smaller of the two main plazas. There was a wedding here on our second day in town.

Alex chilling in the plaza.
Just like everywhere else on our trip, it was about a million degrees…notice that Alex is not sitting in the bench that has sun shining on it!

We were resting in the shade here when this guy sat down with his guitar. He played us a few songs and then invited us to the show his band was putting on later in the evening.

A storm is brewing!

The best part about our time in Trinidad was the house we stayed at. The family was wonderful and the food was incredible! The owner of the house where we stayed made the best mojitos we have ever had! They were blended and delicious!

Outside our room was this courtyard where we could sit and have drinks, chat with the family or eat our supper. We also ate breakfast at the house which was a full spread of fresh fruit and caramelized bread with fresh squeezed juice.

Remnants of an old church. The ruins sit atop a hill that overlooks the town. We hiked up early one morning to beat the brutal sun.

Me at the ruins.

Wandering around with our guidebook. We climbed that yellow and green tower later in the day.

A bit of shade in the Parque Central.

There were two different towers in the town that could be climbed by tourists for a small fee. This one housed a museum on the first level and then had 5 flights of skinny wooden spiral staircase.
On a side note you should know that Alex almost lost the outfit he is wearing in this picture. Later in the day we were shopping in the market and a lady offered to trade him what he wanted to purchase for his shorts and t-shirt. We laughed out loud at the thought of Alex walking home in his undies, but the lady said in all seriousness that she would wait while he went home to change. The cost of what we were buying compared to the cost of Alex’s almost brand new shorts didn’t quite coincide though so we had to pass on the offer.

A view looking out at the town.

The stairs were a little steep!

After climbing the first tower we wandered over to climb the bell tower too. Here’s a view of the town on our way up tower #2.

Here we are at the best dinner we ate on the entire trip!

Lobster, rice and beans, salad, plantains, yuca, a mojito and fresh mango for dessert. We ate until we thought we would explode. We still felt stuffed when we left for the bus station super early the next morning.

2 thoughts on “Cobblestones and Lobster

  1. I liked the story about the lady who wanted to buy Alex’s clothes. I’m glad you didn’t sell the tee shirt because it has a special story and I wouldn’t want to tell Uncle Bud you sold his special shirt. He had it made after Alex told him Bucky Badger wasn’t wearing a helmet when he rode his motorcycle.


  2. It looks like you guys had all sorts of good times! The storm pic reminds me of here the past week or so, non stop. It is finally ending though. How is school this year?


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