The Causeway

After our trip to the Canal, we took a taxi to the Causeway. This is an archipelago of three islands that have been connected by a road and filled with all sorts of restaurants. We quickly figured out that the Causeway is more of a night-spot…many of the restaurants being closed, but still had a fun time wandering around taking pictures and enjoying the view of the city.

Alex under a tree.
It was about a million degrees and there wasn’t much shade so we took lots of breaks whenever we could find a little respite from the sun.

That entire strip of buildings is filled with restaurants. A lot of them were closed, but we managed to find one that was open and had fresh fish for lunch.

The Causeway has a private yacht club with some pretty fancy boats!
Downtown Panama City is in the background.

Apparently we should watch out for guys on steroids running by?….

Ocean on both sides.

A view of downtown.

The sun may have been crazy hot, but the breeze on the Causeway was great!

A cool old boat with the Bridge of the Americas in the background.

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