Sara’s Graduation

This past weekend, Alex and I landed in Wisconsin and headed straight out to Southern California for Sara’s graduation. While we found the weather to be freeeeezing by the Pacific, the scenery was beautiful and of course we enjoyed the people:) Here are some pictures from the ceremony. Congrats Sara!

Sara has the neon glasses on!

Vicente checkin’ out the camera while we wait for the graduates to assemble…or maybe this was during one of the speeches.

Sara patiently waiting her turn to walk across the stage:)

Sara and Alex

All the siblings!

2 thoughts on “Sara’s Graduation

  1. hey, we’re at Steve and Lynda’s in Chester, England. Just had to check your blog to make sure the house is still standing on Baltzell Street. Congratulations to Sara! You have much to be proud of; all of you.See you Saturday.


  2. Hi Caitlin,Thanks for posting the nice photos. Last weekend it was over 100 here – so it isn’t always freezing!


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