Oscars 2008

Alex is a fabulous teacher and since he doesn’t quite have the patience (or the ego) to brag about himself on here, I guess I will instead!

His language arts students spent the last month or so creating scripts and movies for a homework project. Students were given absolute freedom, (something that middle schoolers relish) and came up with some incredible movies!
As a culmination of the project, Alex planned an Oscars night at school. The kids and their parents were all invited to attend on a Friday night. Dress attire was required and the students took it very seriously. Alex created the list of nominees and then an unbiased third party (a La Lima teacher who shall not be named) picked the winners. The entire awards show was student hosted, with two MCs and several different award announcers. The kids were incredibly nervous, excited, and proud all at the same time and it was great to see them so excited about a school project. The seventh graders are already talking about the movie project next year!

Alex and the ladies before the show.

Alex and the boys before the show.

Alex welcoming everyone…or thanking them for coming, I can’t remember which.

Vitanza whipped out an acceptance speech to the delight of the crowd. His movie, Bittersweet, won Best Picture. It is an excellent example of a teenage boy’s obsession with Scarface…check it out on youtube!

Alex and Jorge.

Alex, Carlos David, and his parents. Carlos David won Best Actor for his performance in Bittersweet.

Alex and some of the ladies. Victoria, in the black dress, was the MC for the evening. Marcela, to Alex’s left, won Best Actress.

4 thoughts on “Oscars 2008

  1. What a great idea! Thanks so much for letting us see this very “cool” posting. The students look so energetic, positive, and just nice. WELL DONE!


  2. Looks like a nice group of students!(Alex doesn’t look so bad himself!)I guess Caitlin is taking photos so that is why we don’t see her. (Although perhaps she had something to do with the awesome banner?)Mom/Kathy


  3. This looks like so much fun. What a great idea, Alex. You are a very good teacher, but the parents who stand behind you two have known that for a while. You two are going to leave some very big shoes to fill in that school when you leave. And some school is going to be very fortunate to see you coming!


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