Pop Art Self-Portraits

Pop Art, Self-Portraits, and Printmaking?! Let’s cram it all into one project and see what happens!
Eighth graders created self-portraits in the style of Andy Warhol. They learned about the Pop artist and his obsession with famous people and then made themselves look famous too (kind of perfect for the ego of an eighth grader if you ask me!) They also learned about different types of printmaking and used their knowledge to create a linoleum block of themselves. We started with a photo (no need to overdo it by making drawing people part of the assignment too…), transferred the photo onto the linoleum, carved away the “not lines” and printed lots and lots of copies!

Hector carving his linoleum. The students did a test print and then fixed areas that needed a little extra carving.

Alexandra’s linoleum after she finished carving and printing. I ordered special easy cut linoleum so that the students would be more successful and less likely to cut themselves. They used linoleum carving tools and exacto knives and I only had 2 or 3 kids cut themselves!

A counter full of 8th graders. Each student was required to make at least 8 black prints on colored paper and 3 colored prints, plus however many more they wanted. I highly recommended extras as gifts for their moms, grandmas, girlfriends, etc.

Alexandra’s finished product. They chose the six best black on color prints and added a black frame for the graded portion of their project.

Andrea and her project. Students could choose to make a regular face or a goofy face.

Eugenia and Nicole

Liza’s project turned out looking exactly like her. Allan’s actually did too, except that he got a haircut two weeks ago!

4 thoughts on “Pop Art Self-Portraits

  1. Wow, you can see it in their smiles; the ones on their faces and in their block prints. I think this is a really terrific lesson with so many good art ideas going on. Plus a real sense of satisfaction with the finished product, no matter how it turns out. Great job!


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