TidBit of the Day-Fumando

Honduras is just a little bit behind on the whole smoking ban thing. The most apparent example of this is when we are at the mall and we notice some tobacco in the air. It is perfectly legal to smoke inside the mall here in San Pedro Sula. I don’t think we’ve ever actually encountered someone smoking inside a store, but in the interior corridor and the restaurants/coffee shops around the mall it is definitely the norm. We may have gotten used to some things here, but this is one that still takes me by surprise each and every time…

2 thoughts on “TidBit of the Day-Fumando

  1. Although it is interesting that you think they are behind n the smoking issue. It is the norm in most of the world and finally they are starting to move into the direction of non-smoking policies. It is the case in Spain, Europe and Italy. Finally and slowly the Governments are taking initiatives to reduce smoking in these countries. On the other hand the smoking is rising in Asia. As a matter of fact the smoking in China has gone up in parallel with their income. So the Chinese government is the owner of the largest cigarette company in the world and it is not allowing foreign cigarettes companies to invest there. So where in some places it is clear that it is a health issue in others they do not care and their governments are driven by the economics of these vices.


  2. We have been fortunate. I can’t think of anyone who lives in our neighborhood who smoked. Cept Sally across the street who steps outside the house, even in winter, to smoke. So you didn’t grow up with that as a norm. And you watched your grandfather succumb to emphysema from smoking which is probably why you told David if he ever smoked, you would kill him. I’m glad you’ve got clean lungs and that you want to keep them that way! I figure if Ireland can ban smoking in pubs, others can figure out how to do it as well.


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