Nueva Escuela

The new middle school!
This is an old picture so there is now a roof over the walkway. The landscaping still leaves a lot to be desired though. I’m a little nervous for the mudslide that is bound to happen during the first major storm.

A view looking down the first floor hallway.
I’m standing in front of the office, the caseta is on the right and my room is the third one on the left.

Self-portrait display outside the office.

A view toward the office from my room.

The caseta (aka cafeteria) has brand new picnic tables. The new caseta also has different food so instead of pizza every day the kids get a choice of things like a grilled panini or pasta salad.

The art room!

My awesome cabinets and my wall of project information. This area is where I post the example project and the rubric for each grade level’s project.

Each room is getting these cabinets installed. I love them! Apparently my supplies from the states have been released from customs and are at the school. Once they get through just a few more bureaucratic hoops I should be able to fill these cabinets the rest of the way up!

Yes, I am anal-retentive and my room is spotless. The kids get in big trouble if they don’t keep it that way too!
I am also becoming very innovative in how I get what I need in my room. Do you like my paper towel dispenser? I made it myself with some scraps of wood, wire, and a dowel rod! (It has only fallen off the wall a few times…)

My desk.
I still need to put some more stuff up on the walls…it’s pretty boring right now. I’m also thinking some sort of border around the top of the wall to separate it from the ceiling might be nice…
The stoplight is a “yacker tracker” that monitors the noise level in the room. When the kids are too loud it goes yellow, then red, and an alarm sounds. I pretty much never use it because the kids can’t hear it go off when they are being too loud. Maybe I’ll figure out how to work it in later in the year…

Ahhh…my beautiful view! 😉
Once the landscaping gets done there will be a soccer field in this area. Even so I still enjoy the mountain in the background and anything’s better than the under the bridge view I had in the old room.
I will eventually have curtains on these windows. I found sheer purple trim curtains (to cover just the top edge of the window) on sale at the mall and maintenance is supposed to install them this weekend!

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