Copan Ruinas

Group shot on our way to the ruins.

Mom and some carvings.

Dad and Kathy

Alex and Sara

Way up high.

Lots of stairs.

On top of a temple.

Alex and Sara


Playing in the ball court.

On top of another temple.

Resting under a tree…it was hot out!!

Leaving the tunnel, entering the museum.

Mom and Dad in front of the life-sized replica.

2 thoughts on “Copan Ruinas

  1. Hola Sugar Bear. I’m in Cleveland and haven’t figured out how to send you an e-mail from the hotel computer but I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday today. Wish I were there to give you a hug. Love the new pictures you posted. I’ll talk to you later this week. I get home on Wednesday. Love you more than life. Mom


  2. Wonderful pictures from the ruins, great picture of your parents Caitlin!We also wish you a Happy Birthday. Thanks to your mom for letting us know. Hope you had a great day!


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