Feliz Navidad

Although not the traditional snow-filled, tree with ornaments Christmas, my and Alex’s first holiday season together was wonderful. We were lucky enough to have all sorts of family come to visit us. My parents, brother, and aunt joined together with Alex, his sister, and I to make a group of 7 crazy gringos traveling around Honduras. We spent the beginning of the week on the north shore of the country visiting places like Pico Bonito National Park and the Bay Islands. The end of the week was spent in Copan visiting the Mayan ruins.
In order to make the most of our daylight activity hours, we opened presents on Christmas Eve. Gathered around the coffee table (we didn’t bring the tree along) at Hotel Helen’s in Sambo Creek, we all got to enjoy Alex’s childlike excitement at his many scuba-inspired gifts. Here are just a few pictures for your enjoyment:

Packed and ready to go!

The top of Alex’s new backpack can be removed and used as a fanny pack…which I hope he utilizes often because it looks pretty funny!

“ooh boy, ooh boy, ooh boy”

So the family went a little overboard bringing us stuff…(notice Alex opened his wetsuit first and then proceeded to wear it the rest of the night)

Hmmm….a little too excited about the knife!

In all his gear and pretending that he’s underwater!

5 thoughts on “Feliz Navidad

  1. I’m glad to hear that you all had a nice visit with the families and enjoyed your holiday together. You talked about what Alex got (I agree…a little too excited about the knife 🙂 ), but what did you get? Here in IN, we didn’t have a white Christmas, either, but it was cold. We do, however, have a white New Year! Very white. I’m getting ready to venture out in it now. Merry (late)Christmas and Happy New Year!


  2. Que bueno que tuvieron oportunidad de pasar la Navidad con familiares. You creo que ayuda principalmente si es que uno se siente un poco depre. Alex simplemente demuestra que aunque es un adulto responsable con gran integridad. No puede desacerse del nino que tiene adentro. Espero que le saques jugo a tu equipo de bucear. Quizas para tu cumpleaños te regalemos algo que necesites para que complementes el atuendo. Feliz Navidad y espero que este Año lo pasen bien. Hago emfasis en que hice un esfuerzo por poner la tilde en la n y hacerla eñe . No quiero que se confunda con la parte terminal del tracto digestivo.


  3. What a fantastic week. Spent the day trying to organize my pix and relived every moment. Sara’s a real treasure and a great traveler – a pleasure to be with. Love to the best hosts on the planet. Glad I have some places to link you to now, thought I never did figure out which direction was North! ATC


  4. I got my major Christmas present early…the housing for my camera so that it can be taken underwater…so as much as I make fun of Alex, my Christmas was also scuba/snorkel related!:) I know I’m being a cheese, but my favorite gift was getting to spend so much time with everyone who visited us!!


  5. I was thinking of you when we took our tree down yesterday, bet yours didn’t take long, but still it was your first tree and that is a good memory!!! Mom/Kathy gave me a dvd from my 70th birthday,it was very cool to see you both.


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