So maybe I let the kids get a little off task in class, but last week my seventh graders added to my growing list of vocabulary again. There are two different kinds of “bite” in Spanish. The examples they gave me were:

If you get bit by a bug you use the verb: picar
If you are biting into a hamburger you use the verb: morder

Alex also explained to me later that you can use “picar” to describe little bites of food. Now if only I could find a restaurant that has good hamburgers around here….


2 thoughts on “Vocabulario-Picar/Morder

  1. What, no Big Macs? The Moon guide lists Burger Choice, 10 Av at 9B Calle NO as having burgers and what they called exceptional chili fries and milk shakes, if you’re really homesick for a hamburger. Looks like it’s near your neighborhood. We went through that craving in London, and the Whimpy’s were awful. ATC


  2. Ooh, we’ll have to check Burger Choice…haven’t been there yet! We also tried out the Tony Romas in the mall last weekend. It was better than some around here, but nothing to write home about…


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