Tenemos una mascota!!!

Ok, so not really, but we are babysitting this weekend. Our friends Ryan and Kim went to Teguc. for a conference and we volunteered to take care of their little chihuahua puppy.
Her name is Sula and she loves to follow Alex all around the apartment. She is very friendly and energetic. She also has a bark that sounds like a mix between a cat meowing and a squeeky dog toy.
We know that we aren’t home enough to get a pet right now, but it’s great to be able to have one for the weekend!


2 thoughts on “Tenemos una mascota!!!

  1. I want a pet too, but we don’t have time or space either. You are lucky to get one for a weekend though! I did go to the pet store at the mall last week and played with a puppy! 🙂


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