TidBit of the Day-Películas

We don’t rent movies here, we buy them instead. In front of our local pharmacy and at almost every gas station there are people with backpacks full of movies for sale. Buying these movies can sometimes be a gamble, but for only a few dollars each we figure it’s worth the try.

We were very excited this week when we purchased Pirates of the Caribbean 3…it had a menu, scene selections, and end credits…plus the movie was good quality!

Some problems that we have encountered in the past include:
-The person selling it swears it’s in English, but when we get it home it’s not…this of course is fine for Alex, but makes it a little tougher on me.
-Major skips in the DVD.
-Super poor quality movie that you can barely see.
And my all time favorite:
-People get up and walk across the screen throughout the movie!

It turns out that here in Honduras the adventure of purchasing a movie and then taking it home to see if it works is half the fun of watching a movie at all. Hopefully by the time our two years is up we will have a few more movies like Pirates to add to our collection, and I’m sure a few more with people walking across them to keep us laughing.


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