It is officially rainy season!
When moving here we were under the impression that August through October was the worst of the rainy season, but we are quickly coming to the realization that November and December are the soggiest. Considered “winter” by the locals, this season lasts until January. It feels freezing here, although I think we have acclimated somewhat so the temperatures are really in the high 70s, and it just keeps raining and raining! If I had to estimate, I would say over half of the week is spent with water falling from the sky. Although we are enjoying the cool temperatures (we were missing fall), I did not exactly pack for them. All my dress pants are sitting nice and cozy in my closet back home…looks like I’m going to have to go shopping!


One thought on “Lluvia!

  1. Our rainy season has started but we don’t get nearly as much rain as you do. We still have plenty of sunny days (in fact I think the nicest month in San Francisco is October because there isn’t as much fog). It gets quite a bit cooler as well – down into the thirties with the rare possibility of frost and maybe a bit of snow up on the top of Mount Diablo (a peak over in the East Bay).In our garden, the persimmons are turning a beautiful orange and the squirrels are starting to get them as they ripen. Most of the olives fell off the trees a few weeks ago (they really stain!). Now the acorns are falling from the neighbors giant oak. They startle us, and the dog, when they hit the roof. They are elongated and skinny compared to the cute, fat Wisconsin acorns I’m used to.


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