Tidbit of the Day-Realization

My tidbit of the day is about my first realization about living and traveling in Honduras. I have realized that I often come up with ideas about what to do and what to see. My ideas often are lengthy and cannot be completed in one weekend. But I convince myself that I can do all the activities so long as I wake up at 5am and jump from one activity directly to the other and all meals are consumed in transit. Thus giving me a go, go, go weekend were there is no time to sit still. The realization is not that I do this but that I am truly my father’s son. The irony does not surpass me as for years I have joked that after a vacation with my dad I myself need a second week to recuperate. I have now become the one in the group who wakes everyone up and suggests starting the day early. I have confirmed this with Jesse as he has now traveled with Jesus and I and says there are striking similarities. I tried to explain to him that you have to see everything because you will not know when you can get back to that same location. To be cont…


4 thoughts on “Tidbit of the Day-Realization

  1. Hi Alex and Caitlin!Yes – we do become like our parents. I, for instance, have way more knitting and sewing projects than I will ever get done (guess who I get that from) and Sara seems to be getting more absent-minded every day (guess who she gets that from). Even so, it would have been really hard for me to imagine – back when you were in high school, Alex – that you would ever be the one getting up early and rousting everyone else!


  2. Yo creo que Sara no esta muy lejos de imitarme tambien. En los planes que tenia para esta Navidad era ir a Costa Rica, Honduras , Cuba y Miami. En un periodo de aproximadamente 18 dias, el que le dijo que era demasiado fui yo, Creo que a final de cuentas Ustedes quizas hallan mejorado y sean mas ambiciosos que su Papa


  3. very funny, i dont lose anything, …i dont think. p.s. remember “i dont want to go to disneyworld, i just want to sleep….”


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