Georgia O’Keeffe

Since we keep telling you about our weekends, it’s probably time that we showed you some school stuff too!
My seventh graders just finished up a project about the artist, Georgia O’Keeffe. They learned about her life and her interest in flowers, then they drew their own “Georgia inspired” flowers.
The project was done on black paper and the students went over their pencil lines with glue to create a shiny solid black outline around their paper. After the glue was dry they used chalk pastels to color their flowers in!
Color was a major concept in this project so they had to follow certain rules like, “use analogous colors in the flower petals” and “fill the background with a complementary color.”
They turned out really well and I’m excited to start putting them up around the school!


7 thoughts on “Georgia O’Keeffe

  1. Loved the pictures,the students really did a good job of showing their version of Georgia O’keeffe.I believe we saw a number of her pictures in the Milwaukee art Museum.Have been waiting for some news about your day jobs. Now it’s time for Alex.


  2. Can I just say…I miss you! I love the work your students did! The pictures are beautiful, and I’m sure they look even better in real life! You are such a wonderful teacher!


  3. Cait, those flowers are beautiful!!! You must be a great teacher to get hormone raging 7th graders to creat work like that. Miss you a lot!


  4. Once again, you’ve helped your students create something beautiful as well as learning about an artist and techniques. I thnk these are really stunning. Can’t wait to hear what comments are offered when you post them at the school! Do you have any sense that the students ih Honduras work with this differently than the students in Indiana? Colors? Size? Shapes? Just curious.


  5. Caitlin,I loved your Georgia O’keefe pictures. Wonderful. I’ve done the same technique with fall leaves. I stil have Kyle’s that I framed. (Sorry Kam) I’m anxious to hear all about the difference in the schools, kids etc. How did all your art supply ordering go? What is your room like? So many question…..


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