Nile Cruise


From Luxor we got on a cruise down the Nile. The cruise was 5 days and four nights on a dahabiya. A dahabiya is a river sailboat, the one we were to ride on had no motor and relied on its sails or a tug boat to pull it up the river if there was not enough wind. Each day we would sail for a while and also be towed for a piece of the journey, with us mooring on the bank of the river each evening. The boat was absolutely beautiful as it maintained the feel of  by gone era.

Each day we had an opportunity to stop at different archeological sites or markets and then we would spend the rest of the day on the deck of the boat reading, enjoying the sun and eating amazing meals as we sailed down the river. It was a perfect mix of rest and exploration and was the highlight of our time in Egypt. Part of this was due to our guide and the tour company having planned an excellent itinerary and making sure that we did not visit the sites at the same time as the larger cruise ships that go down the river. The other part were the other passengers on the boat.

We got lucky that the other passengers on the boat were an incredibly warm, easy to hang out with family from New York. They had a similar approach to travel and had a plethora of travel experience, making for interesting dinner time conversations. We definitely got a long list of possible future travel destinations.

It was also an added bonus that our guide was a soccer fanatic and managed to wrangle up a couple of pick up games in the towns or villages we stopped in. I don’t usually put a plug for a travel agency, but if you are going to do a cruise go with Djed Travel.

The rest of the experience will be via pictures as I have large number of pictures from these days and I can narrow them down only so much.



2 thoughts on “Nile Cruise

  1. When we went, we were not placed on the Felucca but on a “cruise” boat. Kindof different experience though we stop at most of the same places…did you see children row their little makeshift rafts out to your boat? They were selling all kinds of stuff…


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