Dogsledding in Dmitrov

Yesterday we headed out of Moscow to do some dogsledding. Caitlin had been looking forward to this all week and may still not have gotten her fix as we are going to sign up to do it again in Finland.

We were about an hour and a half north of Moscow and just outside of the town of Dmitrov. After getting to the site we got some time to hang out with the dogs and then they hooked them up to the sled and we each took a turn mushing. We headed out in pairs, one person mushing the other on the snowmobile with the guide. We would head out for about 10 minutes then switch. It was pretty short, but it was nice to get to be pulled by dogs in a quiet forest, if only for a little while. Caitlin’s smile throughout the day would say that I am down playing it. Regardless, we enjoyed our time mushing and even waiting our turn was a nice change as we sat by a bonfire in the middle of a Russian forest.

After everyone had gone mushing we headed into town and got a chance to see the church and the town’s kremlin. I was unaware that kremlins exist in just about every town as the translation for kremlin is roughly citadel. The town of Dmitrov still had earthen embankments that must have served as part of the fortification a while ago, but today served as awesome sledding hills for kids.


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