Sculptural Response

My Ceramics II students complete two “Sculptural Response” assignments each year.  Because Ceramics II focuses on advanced use of previously learned skills, these units allow for a more independent interpretation of the problem at hand.  During the first semester, students must “respond” to a 2-dimensional work of art in a 3-dimensional manner.  During the second semester, students must “respond” to a piece of music, film or literature in a 3-dimensional manner.  These assignments provide lots of room for interpretation and encourage students to express themselves while also emphasizing the sculptural concepts of building in the round and adding texture.  Last year’s finished pieces looked like this and this.  Some of the highlights of this year’s group of Ceramics II students are as follows:

Inspired by Still Life by Sam Taylor-Wood
Inspired by Cezanne
I love that both this student and the student who created the boat below were inspired by the same painting, The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai.  Such entirely different interpretations and focal points (the wave vs. the boat) originating from the same work of art!
Inspired by Beyonce’s Drunk in Love
Inspired by Lupe Fiasco’s Old School Love

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