Hiking Namhansanseong

We’re on the tail end of a four day weekend here in Korea and amazingly, Alex and I have stayed around Seoul for it. While I love the trips we take, this weekend at home has been a nice opportunity to relax and enjoy the beautiful spring weather. We’ve managed to eat some delicious food, drink some delicious beers and spend some time with good friends. Monday’s beautiful weather took me and Alex and our friends Jenny and Ben up to Namhansanseong, an old fortress wall on a mountain just a short distance from our house.  The weather was a bit breezy, but the sun was shining and we got some great views of the city, while still feeling surrounded by nature.  Here’s a look at our day:

Flags along the wall
A view toward the southern part of Seoul
Ben, Jenny, me, and Alex
There are several gate houses and lookouts along the fortress wall, most of which are built in the style of traditional Korean architecture that is common at palaces and temples.
Alex practicing with the camera
Alex doesn’t take all the pictures around here!  This was my contribution from the day. 🙂
Ben getting a close up of the brightly painted lookout post.

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