Hoi An

While in Hoi An we hung out at the beach but also explored the town. The town is absolutely amazing, as it was not destroyed during the war it still has many of the old Chinese style houses. In addition, each evening the shut down the center of town so you can walk through without motor traffic. The lack of traffic along with the copious amount of lanterns hanging in front of buildings and over the streets gives the town a feeling of going back in time for as long as you can avoid seeing a cellphone. So about 5 seconds but at least you can imagine.
As you walk through the streets there are shops and restaurants catering to tourists, one of the most prevalent is clothing shops that will tailor make just about anything you can show them a picture of. Caitlin had big plans of having a new wardrobe made but in the end settled on having just one dress made. It is always amazing to me that they can have anything made in about 24 hours so that you can have adequate fittings before you leave.
We spent most of our timing wandering around or stopping for a drink or bite to eat as we people watched. The city is on a river that used to be used for shipping before it became over silted. There are still boats that move up and down it and make for good leisure watching. Hoi An is probably my favorite city in Viet Nam thus far.

Sara having a drink over the river.
Lanterns, Lanterns everywhere.
Boat jam.
The entrance of the night market.
Mopeds are always part of Viet Nam.
The O’Neals checking out a shop.
The view from across the river.
The Japanese bridge.
A couple heading out to leave lanterns. Got a unintentional halo reflection on her, but I liked it.
Women selling lanterns.
Lantern market.
Gail and Bill in front  of the lanterns.
Us in front of the lanterns. 
Playing with Bokeh.
Sara being a good sport about it.
A couple of girls out rowing.
Moored boat.
Special thanks to Andy Faulk for showing me some photo magic.

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