Heading from Hue to Hoi An

A woman selling lanterns to put on the river and let float away.
From Hue we headed to Hoi An. We took the slow route to get there via the Hia Van Pass. It gave us some great views and a chance to take in a little bit of the country side as it was our first sunny day of the trip. The lush vegetation with a quick drop to the ocean gave us great panoramas.
When we got to Hoi An wasted no time and went to the beach to see what it was like and then headed into town for a beautiful evening of lanterns. Hoi An at night is gorgeous, it is nice during the day as well, but at night it is lit up with lanterns and the center streets are shut down to traffic to allow you to walk and gawk without worrying that a moped will run you over. We took advantage of the streets and the lights every night we were in Hoi An.
A view of Lang Co beach.
A view right after we crossed the pass.
Rice terraces and temples.
The woven fishing boats that are used in Hoi An.
They use them for getting on and off larger boats as well. They are completely round like a large woven basket.
A modification of the design.
Sunset as we biked back from the beach.
Lanterns everywhere.
The lanterns were absolutely stunning. We watched people paint them.
Fun with the shutter speed.
It was nice that so many of the buildings put lanterns up, it created a wonderful atmosphere throughout downtown.
Girls selling float in candles that you could put on the river.

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