Cooking class in Laos

While in Laos one of the things we did was take a cooking class at Tamarind. The class consisted of a trip to the market followed by the actual cooking of the food. The market was like many we have visited in SE Asia but had a few things we had not seen. As always the market provided for a nice experience and a change from being in Luang Prabang.
 The class was located outside of Luang Prabang and was placed in an open air kitchen with beautiful, lush green scenery. The dishes we prepared were chicken stuffed in lemon grass, water buffalo lab and a fish cooked in a banana leaf(forgot the name). The chicken was stuffed into the center of the lemon grass stalk then dipped in egg and fried. The lemon grass along with a few spices  provided the flavor. The water buffalo lab was seared and then cooked the rest of the way with lime juice, after which we added spices, long bean and bean sprouts. The fish I have completely forgotten aside from a few chiles. Lastly we had a sweet desert rice with coconut, and fruit.
It made for a nice day of cooking, and while we may never make the dishes again it provided a little bit better understand of the cuisine.
Our guide giving us a run down on the ingredients we were going to use.

Some of the spices in the market.

Fermented eggs.

All parts of the chicken sorted and read for purchase.

Cow blood.

Our steamers for the rice.

The table of ingredients with a huge banana leaf.

Caitlin preparing one of the sauces.

Decorating one of our dishes. Our teacher was also a great photographer

Getting ready to dine. It was a ton of food.


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