Laos: Soccer volley

The destination of the hike was a hill tribes town. While the hike there was cool, hanging out in the town for a night provided a different experience of Laos. The town was small and had relatively few people who lived in it. We wondered around and took some pictures but for the most part enjoyed the afternoon watching the young men and some boys playing soccer volleyball. The game was similar to ones we’ve seen all over the world, the biggest difference was that they use a wicker ball rather than an inflated ball of sorts. The level of play was pretty high but seemed to always be in good spirit as they allowed the younger kids to join in.
Once it got dark we sat around and our guide and host family filled us in on details about Hmong history and cultural. As we were pretty drained we shortly went to bed and had a chance to sleep in a traditional bed. Which consisted of a raised platform with a thin matt and a mosquito net. I wasn’t sure how I would sleep but between exhaustion and a late night storm to cool down the temperature I was out quickly.
Very Intense. After this I realized I wasn’t going to try to jump in.

1/3 in a series. 
2/3 in a series. 

3/3 in a series.

I couldn’t stop taking pictures.

Letting the younger guys into the action. Very concentrated.
Chilenita on hard pack. Crazy.

Trying to block.

Loved this little guys expression, while eating corn.
Having a good old time.


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