Arbol del Tule y Hierve el Agua: Oaxaca

We had been given copious instruction by Fernando and Mariza on where to go and what to see while in Oaxaca. We made a day trip to Hierve el Agua and to see the famous Tule Tree. 
Hierve el Agua is hot springs that have awesome formations from all the minerals that have come out to form what looks like a stone waterfall along with natural infinity pools. We walked around and took in the views and snapped a few pictures then headed off to Mitla and Yagul to catch some ruins in the town.
The final stop was to see the Arbol de Tule which is the widest tree in the world and it did not disappoint. I don’t think I have ever been so impressed by a tree. We were told that they have put pipes in to keep the tree alive now. As it has become so big and being located in the middle of town. They estimate that it is around 2000 years old and it looks it. There were kids giving tours pointing out the different shapes that could be found in the tree.
One tree trying to make it in the middle of the hot springs.
This would have made an awesome slide.

The petrified looking waterfall.
We had a beautiful sky.

Caitlin walking around.

Looking at the church from the ruins.

Caitlin in the shade of the ruins.

Overlooking the ruins of Yagul.

Watching the rain come in.

In front of the Arbol de Tule

Just to give you a little perspective. That is not a toy church. The tree off to the right is an offspring of the Arbol de Tule and is also massive.

Don’t know what kind of plant this is but thought it looked cool.


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