Jeju: Part II

The second day of touring around mom had hired a taxi driver to make it easier for us to get around and allow us to see more. In the process mom had also invited a grad student who she met on the shuttle from the airport. Apparently this grad student and his wife graduated from UW-Madison for their undergrad. Mom thought we might know them, in the past I would have said there was no way as the school is massive and the chances of knowing someone are small to nil. This time I bit my tongue however as every time this happens I do seem to know them. And as was the case Caitlin knew him (Jeff) and I knew her (Crystal). Talk about a small world. Needless to say it made for a fun day of tooling around Jeju and taking in the sites. We managed to stand at the top of a volcano, walk in a lava tube, eat a delicious meal, witness idol worship and see one of the many waterfalls. All in all it was an awesome day.
Our first stop was a volcanic crater. On the hike up the crater we went by a pretty field of wheat.
Caitlin, Tommy and myself sitting at the crater.

Before we went down into one of the lava tubes. 

Abigail and Tommy at the spire in the tube. All the lights made it difficult to take the picture.
Lunch. The shell fish in the center was moving when they brought it to the table.

After it had started to cook and get mixed up. Tommy ate this up, made me realize how much he is growing up and becoming adventurous.

We didn’t have time to climb the stairs to the top of the caldera but maybe next time.
Caitlin posing.

Looking at little crustaceans.

Looking for more.

Probably the highlight of the trip, running into a highs school field trip of girls and watching Tommy turn into Bieber. Look at Crystal and Abigails faces in this one.

The ladies couldn’t get enough of him.

Another excellent one, Jeff definitely helped egg on the situation.

One of the many waterfalls on Jeju.

The diving women we harvest clams and other shellfish.

You thought we were done, but nope there are more, many many more. Tommy is big in Korea.

We were able to snag Tommy away to steal our own picture but we had to fight tooth and nail for it.

The waterfall, not nearly as interesting as Tommy for the young ladies.


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