Jeju Folk Village

A few months back we had issues with posting on the blog because it said we had hit our quote for space. As this was right around the time that we were in Jeju I never got around to posting. Now as we have space again for some reason that I cannot explain I thought I would get around to posting some of the pictures of our time in Jeju.
The first day we trekked around Jeju by bus we went to a traditional Korean Folk Village. We figured this would be a good way for Tommy to learn a little bit about Korean history and get some information for his homework assignment. So Tommy, Abigail and myself jumped on a bus and headed out in search of this historic park.
After getting off the bus and heading in the general direction of this folk village we luckily found it. As we wondered through the village we took pictures and participated in different aspects of daily life of the past. While everything was reconstructed it gave a nice enough idea of what the past was like. It also allowed us to enjoy a day outdoors.

Tommy testing out a rice grinder. 
A rice mill to break the rice from the husks. You like how we made Tommy pose with everything. These one wasn’t even movable.

One of the Jeju stone Grandpas.

Abigail and Tommy posing with grandpas and kimchi pots.

An old game requiring you to throw an arrow into the tube. Tommy one with a resounding score of 1-0.


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