So as usual I lost steam in uploading and blogging our Christmas Break travel. While in Thailand we decided to take in more of the sights that we had missed the first time through. One of those was Sukhothai.
Sukhothai was a kingdom that broke away from the Khmer empire, which is who built Angkor Wat. As you are all aware I am a nut for ruins so we had to swing through Sukhothai. It had a similar structure of temples and ruins surrounded by water but did not have the magnitude or detailed carving that Angkor Wat did.
Caitlin and I decide to rent a moped and head out to the archeological sight and take in the sites. We had planned to rent a bike and head through the sites but when we arrived the women charged us for the moped. We hadn’t realized that we would be able to take it through the site until we were ushered through the gate and allowed to drive from site to site. We felt slightly guilty as we saw a lot of people biking from site to site but by the end of the day we realized we had made the right decision. The ruins are more spread out than we realized. The core area is small but as you start to explore you start to realize that their are temples all over the place that are much farther than would be ideal to bike.
We spent the day tooling around from site to site and enjoying the views. 

Another huge Buddha. As you can see people had put gold leaf on areas they could reach.
One of many Buddhas.

On a bridge crossing one of the moats.


Another Buddha. The more I see the more I notice differences in them.

The stupas were similar to the ones in Bagan.

A little island with pretty trees.

Caitlin taking a break in the shade.

A shrine of some sorts.

Caitlin on our trusted stead.

Caitlin taking another break.

The statues ‘holding’ up the temple.

The grounds were much better groomed than other sites.

Another Buddha.

Lunch. Caitlin enjoying one of many mango shakes.

The elephant stupa, the elephants were replicas.

The trunks of the elephants.

Another view of the elephants.

Another Buddha.

At this temple a herd of cows came through.
Another Buddha with bits of gold leaf.
A view of the valley.

Taking a break.
We went back to the elephant temple at the end of the day because we realized we hadn’t gotten a picture in front of it.


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